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Oct 11, 2021

February 13th, 2022 The Elm, Cambridge

Crikey, how did we get to here. Probably via the same route as you did to get there. So .. this is where we carefully tip-toe our way out of the recent crisis – not over by any means: please take care and stay safe. 2022 marks the ten year anniversary of the Black Jack Blues Band’s first gig. we’re grateful for The Elm for this chance to shake off the dust and the rust, especially as they have recently suffered the sad loss of Rob, the landlord.

Mar 28, 2020

it’s the end of the world [as we know it]..

self isolation – it’s breaking my heart
self isolation – it keeps us apart
self isolation – has me on my knees
self isolation – that infernal disease . .

stay strong, guys, stay safe. we’ll see you on the other side . .

Dec 16, 2014

” In the bleak mid winter . . . “

. . . we won’t be gigging much. We’re rehearsing some new material and giving our new drummer Mark Gordon a chance to bed down. See you when the ice melts. And HAPPY CHRISTMAS !

Oct 23, 2014

Mr Lee Gillett, Drummer, Crooner, and All Round Good Egg

It’s true, folks: once again the Black Jack Blues Band drum stool falls vacant with the departure of Lee Gillett, who is off to Turkey for some fairly serious Career Redevelopment. We wish him all the very best. He now has his own website for his musical activities which you can find at

So. onward and upward [and maybe even sometimes sideways]. With gigs in December and for 2015 we are already making ┬ámove to establish Lee’s successor. And we think we’ve found him.

May 30, 2014

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